Monday, January 31, 2011

Princess's Bath Time

It is Sunday and the princess gets her bath.

Mama bought me a duckie so that I will have a yellow duckie to take a bath with.

The hardest part is to wait for the bath tub to be filled. Mom said that I need a lot of water in the bath tub so that I can be cleaned thoroughly.
Emma: Are you bored waiting for the tub to be filled, Duckie?
Duckie: Oh, yeah!
Emma: I wish the tub will get filled soon.
Duckie: Aha! You are the one getting a bath, not me! I am only here as a decor.
Emma: I can talk to mama. Maybe she will give you a bath too.
Duckie: I don't think so. I forgot to bring my waterproof duckie suit.

Emma:  Okay, I'll go in without you then. Mama! The tub is ready.
Mom: Okay, here I come.

Emma: The water is so warm and nice. I wish Harry will take a bath with me.
Mom: I don't think so.
Emma: Why not?
Mom: Cos Harry doesn't like the water as much.
Emma: But I want Harry here with me.
Mom: You can try asking.

Emma yelling out to Harry

Emma: Harry, will you come and take a bath with me? We can play in the bath tub together.

Harry: Really??????
Emma: Please..................
Harry: I don't think so.
Emma: Why not?

Harry recalling his bath last week................

Harry: Never mind. I am fine out here. 

Harry went hiding underneath mom's blanket in her room.

Harry: They can't find me here, they can't find me here. Hold your breath! Stay still!

Emma: That was a good shower, mom! Thank you!
Mom: You are welcome, you pretty girl. Oh, you smell like a baby!
Emma: Yes! Sugar and Spice and everything nice!

Emma: Time to lay in the sun after shower. Life is good!!!!!!! Where is Harry anyway????

Harry: Okay, holding still! They can't find me. They can't find me. 

Disclaimer: No dog nor cat was harmed in the making of this story. Emma really enjoys her shower and she likes to peek out from her tub to see what is going on outside when she hears a noise. Harry, meanwhile, just never like water. Extra caution is always taken when we give our pets their bath. No child is supposed to give their pet a bath in the tub without parental supervision.

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