Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Harry and Emma in The Mummy Cat (Meow)

It is snowing outside again. Winter can be very boring. Nothing much to do during the day except for laying around.

Emma resting in her bed. I am really bored.

It was just another boring day at home. *Meow* Hmmmmm................

Harry: Psssttttt!!!!!!! Emma!

Emma: What???

Harry: I am really bored. Want to do something fun?

Emma: I am listening. What do you have in mind?
Harry: Let's play mummy.
Emma: Mummy? How do we play mummy?
Harry: Pretty easy! You wrap me up in a blanket. I will pretend to be a mummified cat. When mom walks over, I'll jump out and scare her

Emma: Are you sure it is going to work? Where do we find a blanket?

Harry: Follow me. This way! Aha........found it. Help me drag it out to the living room.

Emma: Okay! What do we do next?
Harry: Now, I am going to sit right here in the middle of the living room. You start wrapping it around me.
Emma: Like this?
Harry: Yes, have to cover me fully.
Emma: Okay
Emma: How is that?
Harry: Feels pretty good.

 Harry: It feels right. I might have to adjust a little. (Moving inside blanket)
Emma: Is everything okay in there?
Harry: Em, we might have a problem.
Emma: What problem?
Harry: I think I am stuck.
Emma: You got to be kidding. You said tighter.
Harry: Not this tight

Emma: Okay, you stay there. I'll go get mom.
Harry: Of course I am staying here. You see me going anywhere anytime soon? Go get mom.
Emma: Mommmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Emma running away to get help for Harry)

15 minutes later.................

Harry: She is not coming back, is she????? Emmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa...........................

Mom found Harry later wrapped in the blanket and rescued him. Harry plays a very convincing role as the mummified cat.

Disclaimer: No cat was harm in the making of this story.