Monday, January 31, 2011

Princess's Bath Time

It is Sunday and the princess gets her bath.

Mama bought me a duckie so that I will have a yellow duckie to take a bath with.

The hardest part is to wait for the bath tub to be filled. Mom said that I need a lot of water in the bath tub so that I can be cleaned thoroughly.
Emma: Are you bored waiting for the tub to be filled, Duckie?
Duckie: Oh, yeah!
Emma: I wish the tub will get filled soon.
Duckie: Aha! You are the one getting a bath, not me! I am only here as a decor.
Emma: I can talk to mama. Maybe she will give you a bath too.
Duckie: I don't think so. I forgot to bring my waterproof duckie suit.

Emma:  Okay, I'll go in without you then. Mama! The tub is ready.
Mom: Okay, here I come.

Emma: The water is so warm and nice. I wish Harry will take a bath with me.
Mom: I don't think so.
Emma: Why not?
Mom: Cos Harry doesn't like the water as much.
Emma: But I want Harry here with me.
Mom: You can try asking.

Emma yelling out to Harry

Emma: Harry, will you come and take a bath with me? We can play in the bath tub together.

Harry: Really??????
Emma: Please..................
Harry: I don't think so.
Emma: Why not?

Harry recalling his bath last week................

Harry: Never mind. I am fine out here. 

Harry went hiding underneath mom's blanket in her room.

Harry: They can't find me here, they can't find me here. Hold your breath! Stay still!

Emma: That was a good shower, mom! Thank you!
Mom: You are welcome, you pretty girl. Oh, you smell like a baby!
Emma: Yes! Sugar and Spice and everything nice!

Emma: Time to lay in the sun after shower. Life is good!!!!!!! Where is Harry anyway????

Harry: Okay, holding still! They can't find me. They can't find me. 

Disclaimer: No dog nor cat was harmed in the making of this story. Emma really enjoys her shower and she likes to peek out from her tub to see what is going on outside when she hears a noise. Harry, meanwhile, just never like water. Extra caution is always taken when we give our pets their bath. No child is supposed to give their pet a bath in the tub without parental supervision.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Harry and Emma in "My sweater is prettier than yours"

Another regular weekday night at home. After supper, the family will sit in the living room and watch TV together. Winter has been long and harsh this year. Thank God we are always warm cos mom bought us sweaters to put on during the winter months to keep us warm.

Harry: Thanks, Mom! I got it now. Stop straightening my sweater. People are looking.
Mom: I need to straighten it. You have to look tidy. There!

Harry: I love my sweater. It keeps me really warm.

Harry: And I bet mom got the best one for me cos I am her favorite cat

Emma: Mom, I am cold too. I want my sweater as well.
Mom: *Eyes Rolling* Alright! Here we go!

Emma: Harry, my sweater is the prettiest cos I am mom's favorite dog. Look at my sweater and the pattern. Mom picked it especially for me. Mine is cuter than yours.
 Harry: You think so, huh? Mom said mine is the best.

Emma: Mom, Harry won't believe that my sweater looks better than his.

Mom: It is the same pattern. So, both sweaters are the prettiest.

Emma: (Pouting) But...but....I want to be different than Harry. I don't want to wear the same sweater. You said I am special.

Mom: Fine, go pick one out and I will put it on for you

(Rummaging through her closet)

Emma: Okay, this one!


Harry burst out laughing when he saw Emma...........................................

Harry: Now you are different, alright!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Harry and Emma in The Mummy Cat (Meow)

It is snowing outside again. Winter can be very boring. Nothing much to do during the day except for laying around.

Emma resting in her bed. I am really bored.

It was just another boring day at home. *Meow* Hmmmmm................

Harry: Psssttttt!!!!!!! Emma!

Emma: What???

Harry: I am really bored. Want to do something fun?

Emma: I am listening. What do you have in mind?
Harry: Let's play mummy.
Emma: Mummy? How do we play mummy?
Harry: Pretty easy! You wrap me up in a blanket. I will pretend to be a mummified cat. When mom walks over, I'll jump out and scare her

Emma: Are you sure it is going to work? Where do we find a blanket?

Harry: Follow me. This way! Aha........found it. Help me drag it out to the living room.

Emma: Okay! What do we do next?
Harry: Now, I am going to sit right here in the middle of the living room. You start wrapping it around me.
Emma: Like this?
Harry: Yes, have to cover me fully.
Emma: Okay
Emma: How is that?
Harry: Feels pretty good.

 Harry: It feels right. I might have to adjust a little. (Moving inside blanket)
Emma: Is everything okay in there?
Harry: Em, we might have a problem.
Emma: What problem?
Harry: I think I am stuck.
Emma: You got to be kidding. You said tighter.
Harry: Not this tight

Emma: Okay, you stay there. I'll go get mom.
Harry: Of course I am staying here. You see me going anywhere anytime soon? Go get mom.
Emma: Mommmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Emma running away to get help for Harry)

15 minutes later.................

Harry: She is not coming back, is she????? Emmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa...........................

Mom found Harry later wrapped in the blanket and rescued him. Harry plays a very convincing role as the mummified cat.

Disclaimer: No cat was harm in the making of this story.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Emma's Toy Donation Crisis

It is almost that time of the year! Once a year, usually after winter, mom will want to clean the closets and storage boxes. The worse part is she will want me to give away some of my toys for less fortunate puppies.

Mom said that I am spoiled cos I have way too many toys and clothes. She always said that sharing is a good thing. I don't know.........

For one thing, they can't have the raw hide shoes. I love this one!

It tastes really, really good and it is good for my teeth too. Better hide it in my bed before anyone finds it.

It is in my bed. You can't touch it now. *Safe*

Then there are my squeaky toys. I know I have 3 duckies, one raccoon, a purple frog, a pink bobo, a blue bobo, orange bobo and a green bobo, plus a dinosaur, purple octopus,a yellow duckie and other toys. A girl can't have too many toys, can she?

Hmmmmmm..........I guess I can pick one out for donation.

Let me think. Do I really want to part with any one of them?

Maybe I can give them one of Harry's toys. They won't notice, will they?

I really don't know what to do. Maybe if I hide them all...........

Mom, I really can't do it! I love all my toys. Please don't let me give any one of them away. I'll be so lost if I even lose one of them.

Hmmmm..........I will get there sometime soon. It is still winter. I'll have a decision by spring. All the thinking has me very confused and tired.

Time for a nap. I will get back on the thinking part later. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..............

Monday, January 24, 2011

Harry's bath time

I know I am supposed to blog about Harry's and Emma's cute pictures when they were young. But the weekend is just so non-conducive for anyone to be productive. Instead, both Harry and Emma got their showers in, which is great. Always keep your pets clean.

Getting Emma into the shower is always easy. That dog really loves water. Harry, on the other hand, is a very different story. Cat generally does not like water and there is a reason why. Their hair coat is literally waterproof and trying to give Harry a bath is let just say short of impossible. 

Not that Harry is a dirty cat. He is really good at washing himself on a daily basis. He is extremely clean. However, when the danders kick in, what needs to be done has to be done. Look at that handsome face!

Harry, minutes prior to his bath. Look at that majestic looking cat. We always say that he looks like a lion.

Harry: Hmmmmm.......... I have a feeling something bad is going to happen. These people have been extremely nice to me till now. (Tail tapping on the leather chair. Tap! Tap! Tap!)

Background human's voice
Human 1: Okay, he looks calm!
Human 2: Alright! I am going in. Wish me luck!
Human 1: Good Luck! Be careful!
Human 2: Here goes nothing........

Meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! (Hair flying in the air, paws scratching, Harry crying for help and planning his escape!)

10 minutes later...................

Harry: I hate you people. Look what you have done. Who in their right mind give a cat a bath in the middle of dead winter.

Harry: This is so uncalled for. What have I done to you lately? I was looking like a majestic lion when I was dry. Now I look like a sick tiger. *Meow* I'll never forgive you for making me to take a bath.

Background voice
Human 1: It is alright, Harry! I am going to towel you dry now. Oh, my good Harry! What a good boy he is! *Cooing*

Harry: Hmmm.........this doesn't feel that bad after all. My skin does feel good and I smell like a baby. Is that a heartbeat? Is that my mama's heartbeat? That feels good. *Snuggle time*

Harry all dry after his shower. Now he smells like sugar and spice and everything nice.

Harry: Feels a lot better. Now, I can resume my goal of hatching a plan to take over the world. *Meow*

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Coming next-Emma and Harry's baby pictures

In the next few days, ,I will be busy scanning pictures of Emma and Harry when they were young. You don't want to miss it cos it will be too too cute.

Friday, January 21, 2011

For the love of Dogs and Cats

A blog about our lovely dog, Emma and The Cat-Harry

The Misadventure of Emma and Harry

Harry is going to be 9 this year in November. He is into boxes and plastic bags. Always a strong-willed cat and I think he knows he owns us more than we own him. He is very strong willed and extremely opinionated but he wasn't always like this. Harry was adopted by mom from a co-worker at work. Their cat gave birth to a group of kitties and from the beginning, Harry is very different. He doesn't like to play with his human and will always sit at the window and stare at the great world outdoor. Did I mention that he picked his own name, Harry! Yes, he did. He was named something else when we first got him at 10 weeks old. Mom tried calling him by that name but he gave no response. So, she sat him down and started calling him different names, Buddy, Bob, Tiger, Lion, and ...........Harry! Almost immediately, he turned his head around to look at mom. Since that day, his name is Harry.

Harry is still not that much into human. Don't hope for affection from him cos you will only be sorely disappointed. However, we love him just the same anyway and 9 years later, here we are. Harry is the home health inspector. He will sniff and inspect everything we brought home. If he doesn't like something, you will know. The evidence, or what is left of the evidence can be seen in pieces all around the house. And I mean, everywhere in the house.

Along come Emma and that is the beginning of their misadventures. This is Emma, our going to be 8 year old mini Dachshund. Mom bought her from a pet store, not knowing too well about responsible breeder then. When she brought Emma to the vet for the first time prior to bringing her home, the vet wasn't too happy about it. He was worried that Emma will be a sickly dog and worse yet, transfer some diseases to Harry. After endless visits to the vet, a back surgery and bills that accumulate to the thickness of your local phone directory, here is Emma.

Some people ask us how can we continuously put up with Harry. Just look at the picture. How can you not love a cat so cute and so strong will.

And some people asked us, how can we put up with Emma's health bills and constant need of care. Our reply is simple. How can you not love a face so dear? How can you not love your family? A wonderful, loyal companion that loves you no matter what your short comings are. We will never trade Emma and Harry for anything in the world. 

If you are into cats and dogs like our family, follow Harry's and Emma's misadventures. It may not be pretty all the time but it is definitely funny. And share your pets' misadventures with us too. After all, any pet parent can use a good laugh after a tired day of cleaning after and taking care of their pets.