Thursday, January 27, 2011

Harry and Emma in "My sweater is prettier than yours"

Another regular weekday night at home. After supper, the family will sit in the living room and watch TV together. Winter has been long and harsh this year. Thank God we are always warm cos mom bought us sweaters to put on during the winter months to keep us warm.

Harry: Thanks, Mom! I got it now. Stop straightening my sweater. People are looking.
Mom: I need to straighten it. You have to look tidy. There!

Harry: I love my sweater. It keeps me really warm.

Harry: And I bet mom got the best one for me cos I am her favorite cat

Emma: Mom, I am cold too. I want my sweater as well.
Mom: *Eyes Rolling* Alright! Here we go!

Emma: Harry, my sweater is the prettiest cos I am mom's favorite dog. Look at my sweater and the pattern. Mom picked it especially for me. Mine is cuter than yours.
 Harry: You think so, huh? Mom said mine is the best.

Emma: Mom, Harry won't believe that my sweater looks better than his.

Mom: It is the same pattern. So, both sweaters are the prettiest.

Emma: (Pouting) But...but....I want to be different than Harry. I don't want to wear the same sweater. You said I am special.

Mom: Fine, go pick one out and I will put it on for you

(Rummaging through her closet)

Emma: Okay, this one!


Harry burst out laughing when he saw Emma...........................................

Harry: Now you are different, alright!


  1. It reminds me of Minnie Mouse knitting a cute little pink sweater for Pluto and ended up with Figaro the kitten wearing it!!

  2. Nic: You are Harry's no 1 fan

    Ling: Really? I have never watch that episode before. Should track it down and watch it with Emma and Harry

  3. Sum: Check this out: Pluto's Sweater

  4. That is hillarious!!!!!!!!