Friday, January 21, 2011

For the love of Dogs and Cats

A blog about our lovely dog, Emma and The Cat-Harry

The Misadventure of Emma and Harry

Harry is going to be 9 this year in November. He is into boxes and plastic bags. Always a strong-willed cat and I think he knows he owns us more than we own him. He is very strong willed and extremely opinionated but he wasn't always like this. Harry was adopted by mom from a co-worker at work. Their cat gave birth to a group of kitties and from the beginning, Harry is very different. He doesn't like to play with his human and will always sit at the window and stare at the great world outdoor. Did I mention that he picked his own name, Harry! Yes, he did. He was named something else when we first got him at 10 weeks old. Mom tried calling him by that name but he gave no response. So, she sat him down and started calling him different names, Buddy, Bob, Tiger, Lion, and ...........Harry! Almost immediately, he turned his head around to look at mom. Since that day, his name is Harry.

Harry is still not that much into human. Don't hope for affection from him cos you will only be sorely disappointed. However, we love him just the same anyway and 9 years later, here we are. Harry is the home health inspector. He will sniff and inspect everything we brought home. If he doesn't like something, you will know. The evidence, or what is left of the evidence can be seen in pieces all around the house. And I mean, everywhere in the house.

Along come Emma and that is the beginning of their misadventures. This is Emma, our going to be 8 year old mini Dachshund. Mom bought her from a pet store, not knowing too well about responsible breeder then. When she brought Emma to the vet for the first time prior to bringing her home, the vet wasn't too happy about it. He was worried that Emma will be a sickly dog and worse yet, transfer some diseases to Harry. After endless visits to the vet, a back surgery and bills that accumulate to the thickness of your local phone directory, here is Emma.

Some people ask us how can we continuously put up with Harry. Just look at the picture. How can you not love a cat so cute and so strong will.

And some people asked us, how can we put up with Emma's health bills and constant need of care. Our reply is simple. How can you not love a face so dear? How can you not love your family? A wonderful, loyal companion that loves you no matter what your short comings are. We will never trade Emma and Harry for anything in the world. 

If you are into cats and dogs like our family, follow Harry's and Emma's misadventures. It may not be pretty all the time but it is definitely funny. And share your pets' misadventures with us too. After all, any pet parent can use a good laugh after a tired day of cleaning after and taking care of their pets.

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