Thursday, March 10, 2011

Harry's getting a bath again

Harry: Why do I feel something "fishy" is going on again?

Emma is walking around, being restless.

Harry: Emma, do you see anything suspicious? They are acting weird again?
Emma: Nope!
Harry: Are you sure?
Emma: Pretty sure! Except that mum took a few towels out of the linen closet earlier......Harry, where did you go?
Harry: Sssshhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Hiding. They are up to no good.
Emma: Huh? Can't be. Mom loves us.
 Harry: Yeah, right! Ssshhhh........they are coming.
Mom: Harry, where are you? Emma, do you know where Harry is?
Emma: Harry is hiding. He said don't tell mum where he is.
Mom: Okay, is Emma going to be a good girl and tell mama where Harry is?
 Emma: Okay, over there!


Harry: I hate you, stupid dog. You are not supposed to tell mom where I was. Don't like taking a bath.

Harry: Hate this!
Harry: Hate this!

Harry: What are you looking at? Hate this!

Harry: Are you happy now????? Hate you people....... Stop rubbing me with the towel.
Mom: Oh, Harry! Got to get you dry and clean..... Be a good boy now!

Harry: Don't like this at all. Maybe a little. Oh, mama's heartbeat.Puuurrrrrrrrrr
 Harry: Clean and fluffy again..........Meow


  1. Oh poor Harry....He is really cute....and now he smells good too : ) I love the photos of your pets...they are great and they are also very cute: )

  2. Harry has not been having a good time lately. We have to wash him so frequent cos of dander. Hopefully, spring will come soon and Harry can get some time off from his bath.