Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Harry and Emma playing hide-n-seek before her birthday's party

Harry: (Just got up from his nap. All dreamy eyes!) Hmmm.............What is going on?
Harry: Scratches, please! Meow
Harry: Purrrrrr.......................this is so good
Harry: A scratched cat is a happy cat. Time to continue Hide-n-Seek game with Emma. Emma!!!!

Emma: Huh! Did you call, Harry! (screaming down the hallway)
Harry: Got her attention!
Harry: Come find me, Emma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma: Where are you? (sniff, sniff)
Mom started calling out for Emma in the kitchen.
Mom: Emma, are you ready for your treat?
Emma ran to mom at the speed of lightning

Emma is enjoying her birthday's treat, Lemon Lime Birthday Bar. Her birthday is on Feb 27.

Emma: This is so good!!!!! If only Harry will show up for my birthday party. He might like this.
Mom: Oh, yeah! Where is Harry anyway?
Emma: This is so good!
Mom: Emma, where is Harry?
Emma: Harry, who???? Can I have another lemon lime bar, please?

Somewhere not too far away from where mom and Emma is.......

Harry: She is not coming for me again, is she?????????

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